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Vishal Thapar


Vishal loves ideas and the only thing he likes more, is making these ideas come to life. He’s always tried out new things and has been curious about the world. Most of his conversations will involve the statement “Wouldn’t it be cool if?”

After he finished his degree in computer engineering, he moved to the USA from India to pursue his PhD in CS. He’s worked on multiple projects and ideas since, but one of his biggest needs was not having access to Chai. He grew up making, loving and sharing Chai. In 2015, when he learnt about how Tea farmers in India are being exploited and that some of them are making < $2 per day, he decided to do something. He started Boston Chai Party to support tea farmers in India and to bring Chai to America, a country he now proudly calls home. He still works full time as a researcher in cancer genetics.

Boston Chai Party has successfully managed to introduce Chai to Boston and has taught more than a thousand people how to make real Indian Chai. They do this via online instructions and videos on their website as well as at farmer’s markets like SoWa. They hope to take their business to a new level with their latest product, Chai in a bottle. When Vishal is not making Chai or researching the mechanisms of cancer, he likes to play badminton or just watch his kids make a mess in his living room!

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