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Nikki Economides


A desire to continue learning, combined with a tireless commitment to provide consumers with the ultimate culinary experience, has resulted in Nikki Economides developing into a renowned and celebrated pastry chef. Nikki got her start in the kitchen of a family-owned West Virginia hotel, where visitors repeatedly returned specifically for the young chef’s creations. A graduate of Johnson & Wales, with a degree in culinary and pastry arts, Nikki’s earlier career included working side-by-side with Corporate Executive Pastry Chef Norman Love and Pastry Chef David Robbins at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Atlanta. She joined Finale Dessert Company, the country’s first upscale dessert restaurant, as Executive Pastry Chef in 1998 and was a driving force in building the company’s brand, reputation and innovative menu of gourmet confections. Throughout her career, Nikki and her creations have been featured in various magazines and television shows, including the Food Network, TIME Magazine, Bon Appetit and Town & Country.

Fixx chocolates began in 2013 after Nikki took a trip to Madagascar. She became inspired by chocolate yet again and decided she could take the candy bar experience to another level…an exciting and indulging level.

As she relentlessly pursued and shaped her vision for the ultimate gourmet candy bar experience, Nikki researched and sampled the products available to consumers, buying candy bars from local gas stations to candy shops in Paris. Her goal was to create something that nobody has ever experienced, something innovative, and something to satisfy gourmet addictions. The result was an assortment of unique, rich and superb creations that will elevate your candy bar experience. From peanut nougat and bacon to praline crisp and passion fruit jelly, the fixx experience will introduce you to intoxicating flavors that will reinvigorate your love of chocolate.

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