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Narosmi Auguste


Narosmi Auguste [pronounced: Na-Rose-Me, The (e) is silent at the end of Auguste] was born and raised in Boston, MA, and has a background in Haitian heritage. Throughout her life, there has been a blending of American and Haitian culture and with that she has been presented with different types of cuisines. She was introduced to the business world at a young age by her parents. She witnessed her parents operate a small boutique in Cambridge, MA. However, with the increased pressure of life, they had to shut down. It was a multitude of things but business education was one. In the back of her mind, Narosmi would like for that experience to not repeat.

Narosmi attended Boston Community Leadership Academy for High School and the University of Massachusetts Boston for College. She studied International Business Management and Finance and completed an internship in Shanghai, China. Although she went to school for management, Narosmi has only been able to take these skills so far. She has traveled the world and in her realization, business and food is a common language. She left finance and opened a small restaurant. She’s had it now for two years and needs help branding and expanding whilst introducing her technology to the restaurant world that will help revolutionize how people with allergies eat at different franchises.

Her restaurant is focused on serving traditional Haitian/Caribbean cuisine with a mixture of American food. She would like the help of Babson College and Santander to help her grow and expand whilst introducing her products and technology to the restaurant realm and beyond. She would like to have a focus in reducing world hunger, if, done successfully put a percentage of sales towards that focus. She would like to provide jobs to the economy.

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