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Morad Bouzidi


Growing up in Morocco and many times helping my mother in the kitchen, I got to love cooking from an early age.

Coming to the US at my twenties I worked at different fine dining restaurants in Atlantic City and then in Boston. I was eager to start my own business and to work for myself. I have always been passionate about food and cooking. Then I got the idea for a Food Truck. I bought a normal cargo truck and due to the high prices in the market for building a truck and due to the small budget I had, I decided that I will do it on my own. It took me more than 6 months of hard work in the cold Boston winter, until the truck was fully equipped and ready to hit the road. City of Boston runs a special program, which is designed in a lottery principle for every season from April to November. For 2 consecutive years though I was unable to get spaces in Boston, due to the high competition. Finally at the third year in 2016, I got few good spots in Boston and decided to start working. The food I serve at the truck is Moroccan spiced and very flavorful. It brings the taste of Morocco with a little twist, so that it can fit even the pickiest eater’s taste. The sauces are what it gives the finishing touch and make everything taste even better. The truck is a hit in the Boston Market and it keeps gaining popularity every day.

From being unknown and having only three working days of the week, it is currently being invited to many festivals and there is catering for almost every day of the week to different companies and private parties. I am opening a location in Abington in the next few weeks. The future plans are to open a brick and mortar locations in Boston and the surrounding areas.

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