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Luther E. Pinckney


Luther Pinckney is passionate about two things: the city of Boston and food. Born and raised in Roxbury, Pickney has become extremely familiar with the residents of his hometown and knows exactly what the locals desire when it comes to the dining scene.

Pinckney’s enthusiasm for the hospitality industry began in his early twenties when he began working at the front desk of the Colonnade Hotel under David Colella, Vice President of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and Chairman of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau. While realizing his passion for the industry, Pinckney worked his way up the ladder and eventually moved to the Inn at Longwood as the rooms’ division manager.

Pinckney is focused on making the restaurant a place where all people can feel welcome and comfortable with his accommodating personality and southern hospitality rooted in his upbringing by parents from the south.

In addition to his career, he is devoted to serving his community through philanthropy. Pinckney has made it a commitment to donate to a number of local charities, some of which he has known from childhood. For fun, he likes to ski, travel and spend time with his family any chance he gets.

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