Cultivate Small Business


Linh Tran


It all started with two best friends at Brown University who shared the same desire to make an impact.  During a late night conversation about inequality in Vietnam, Linh and her co-founder decided to visit one of the country’s most fertile but underdeveloped regions.  During her stay in Vietnam, Linh’s host mother showed her a Gac fruit grown in her backyard, calling it ‘the fruit from heaven’, describing to Linh the fruits healing power, and describing how she incorporated it into her family’s daily meals as a Vitamin A source.  Intrigued by the fruit, Linh began experimenting in the kitchen once home.  Three fellowship awards and multiple experiments later, XOI was founded in late 2016 to empower Vietnamese farmers, while sharing the Gac fruits nutritional benefits and the first-ever line of Skincare Beverage with the world.

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