Cultivate Small Business


Jennifer Lauren Turner


I started my culinary career by attending Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  After completing the yearlong program, I graduated with a Professional Chef’s Certificate, and a strong desire to open my own culinary business.  Not certain of which direction I wanted to go in, I went back to the university I attended after high school, Suffolk University.  There I completed my Bachelor’s of Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  With these degrees under my belt, I felt it was finally time to jump in head first, and opened my first business, which was a chocolate café.  I created hand-painted chocolates and offered other café staples such as coffee, tea, and daily pastries.  From there I went on to open a much larger food concept, with two business partners.  Within the first year, I decided to leave the company.  While overall this felt like a business failure, I took it as an incredibly valuable learning experience.  I was going to have to create something from nothing, and find a whole new concept.  I approached a good customer of mine from the past stores, and asked her if she wanted to open a Macaronerie together, and that is how Miam Miam Macaronerie was born.  We started in 2014 with $500 and a vision.  We worked out of a commercial kitchen, with our sights on a storefront location.  In the meantime we did numerous pop ups, and events to get the word out about our French macarons.  In November of 2016 we finally opened our shop in South Boston.  We have been growing ever since.  Future goals include a second, larger café style shop, and our catering/corporate business.

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