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Ellie Tiglao


Since 2014, Ellie has engaged in a number of creative food projects, including the worker co-operative Olio Culinary Collective and Kulinarya, a cultural advocacy program focused on culinary arts. Her presentation of Filipino American cuisine has earned her some local press, notably from Boston Magazine, Metro Boston and the Boston Globe. In 2018, Ellie will lead the Olio team to open a brick and mortar location in Union Square, Somerville’s Bow Market named Tanám, which will feature a model of collaborating dining that will bring together chefs, artists and guests alike.

Ellie comes from a long lineage of farmers and culinarians, but initially studied neuroscience and came to Boston for immunology research in 2010. She also serves as Board President of the Greater Boston Chamber of Cooperatives, sits on the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts’ Advisory Council and was a 2017 Chapter Network Fellow of the US Federation of Worker Coops.

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