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Caroline Huffstetler


Nutty Life founder Caroline had a major sweet tooth as a kid. Her candy and sugar addiction continued through college. That started to change around her junior year at Boston College.

As she grew more health conscious, Caroline got curious about why and how the almond milk she was buying didn’t need to be refrigerated. After extensive research, she learned a lot about the chemical additives found in these milks that blew her away! Below is just one example of an ingredient you might find in the typical nut or soy milk sold at your local grocer.

Carrageenan: the same chemical used to de-ice airplanes. YES… you read that correctly. And the only purpose for this chemical in your alternative milk is to prevent separation & to thicken it (i.e. To make it seem like your nut milk has more nuts than it actually does). The non-food grade (degraded) carrageenan is a known carcinogen, causing colon cancer and bowel inflammation in lab rats. The food grade carrageenan (undegraded) can contain as much as 25 percent of the degraded carrageenan. There is debate around whether the undegraded variation causes the same colon and bowel problems as the degraded carrageenan. The uncertainty is enough to keep us away from carrageenan the carcinogen. A common misconception: carrageenan is derived from seaweed, so it must be okay for us to consume. Because of the highly chemical-induced process of converting the seaweed into carrageenan, the seaweed is no longer seaweed at all.

We don’t even know the effects of consuming some of these additives on our bodies and health! And most of the research points to scary outcomes down the road. Most leading brands of almond milk contain only 2% almonds. Each bottle of Nutty Life contains at least 8% nuts & up to 35%! Our milks are full-bodied, filling, and mouth-watering good!

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